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3 must have tools for generating leads with your business website 2

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Vladimir Milanovic

Having an exceptional website that delivers results is an essential part of a modern business. Given the importance of brand positioning, having the right content and the ability to convert that content into new customers should form an ever increasing part of a necessary marketing budget.

Buyers today are far more sophisticated due to the benefits of the Internet. Self-education, doing research on services and price comparisons are all phases of the buying process. This even further enhances the importance of providing content that addresses the needs of the target audience. Simply having a home page with basic information on your business website is hardly enough to satisfy the audience and this trend is only set to increase.

The explosion in new access methods such as tablets and mobile devices is increasingly challenging the delivery of content. Creating new content on a regular basis is necessary in order to stay relevant to search engines and to satisfy the needs of a content thirsty target market.

Every business has its expertise and in order to stay in demand and competitive in that field, businesses have to yield to the requests of target markets. A business that produces self-educating content for its target audience will be viewed as a thought leader in the relevant market segment.

There are a lot of tools on the market that can help build a serious online presence. The process from the initial decision to inception will be challenging, frustrating and will require a considerable financial and intellectual investment. This process covers only the building of an online toolkit. However, there’s not much point in investing and advertising if the visitors are brought to a website that does not provide sufficient information and does not have the ability to capture visitors’ details.

We have listed a few tools that can help you with maintaining and developing new content. In addition, we’ve mentioned certain applications that might help you convert a few of those visitors into genuine prospects and opportunities.

1. Web content management systems – easy and practical solutions for every business website

There is a plethora of web content management systems (WCMS) on the market. WCMS are software systems that provide website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users to create and manage website content with no difficulty. Usually, these are hosted with your internet service or the hosting provider.

There are many WCMS that are free of cost, some popular systems include: WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. In general, these software systems are more than sufficient for most business websites. These are open source platforms, meaning that many third party applications have already been developed and can be integrated to allow for cost effective features that would otherwise be expensive to develop.

2. Web forms – lead conversion tools for your business website

After developing the web content, it’s important to develop simple ways to convert site visitors into leads. The traditional lead conversion might include numerous web form options, for example: Request a Quote, Contact Us, Free Trial or Free Consultation. The collection of the data captured by these web forms and the distribution of the data to the right person in the company is of paramount importance.

There are several easy to integrate form builder applications on the market. They have great predesigned form templates and features including auto-responders, spam prevention and reports that will reduce a lot of design, development and programming costs. Prices start from around $20 per month. Visit Email Me Form or Wofoo for more information on this.

3. Online chat

Most of us are familiar with some sort of social media platform, that incorporates a chat client, and have been exposed to Skype, Microsoft Messenger, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. These systems usually address non-commercial interaction; however, there are commercial systems available that allow visitors to communicate directly with a sales or support agent. Since these commercial systems are not only basic chat systems, they are able to deliver comprehensive tools such as pre written responses, visitor chat capture and records of agents engaged in a conversation. In many ways, online chat is a great way to interact with visitors on a business website. Among several offerings available on the market, the following are worth looking at Live Chat and Olark. Their prices are around $30 per month per concurrent user.

Learn how to generate leads with your business website

Operating, maintaining and having a business website that focuses on delivering value and generating new leads is a must for modern day businesses. Failing to adapt and comply with the technology that supports the market shift could limit an organisation’s ability to generate new leads.

We have highlighted 3 must have tools that can improve your business website and we have several more in store.
Stay tuned to The GCOMM Post for more ideas and advice on how to get more from your online marketing presence.

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About Vladimir Milanovic

Vladimir Milanovic
Vladimir has been working with GCOMM since 2010 on the design and implementation of the recent branding and marketing strategies. He was also responsible for the rebranding of LiveBackup in 2012. Between 2006 and 2010 he was involved in the creation and launch of Imperial Tobacco’s European BTL platform for its Davidoff brand as well as for the rebranding of French icon, Gitanes. Vladimir graduated from the Belgrade University of Arts in 2005.
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  • Great article Vlada, and very relevant to the feedback I am getting in regard to the new GCOMM and Live Backup websites. Not only that, I am finding that some vendor’s sites that I regularly use for education and informational purposes are using some of the analytic tools that we have implemented. (Pardot for example..)

    It’s a big step to go from a primarily personal interaction with your clients to building a web platform that genuinely improves services and communication with your clients, but there’s no doubt it needs to be done. The market and expectations of us as a service provider are evolving fast!

  • Matthew Thompson

    Enjoyed reading this. Delivering content specific to the customer is a very important part of the new sales and marketing web approach. Matching the sales process (case studies, product documents, follow up call) to where the customer is in their buying cycle is greatly improved through some of the techniques and strategies you have mentioned here. Its the old adage – Customers don’t want to be sold they want to buy and those companies that can provide specific content to what the prospect is looking for have a far greater chance of a click to lead, opportunity, sale through the web. Good advice.