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Behind every device, there’s a customer

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Jelena Simakovic

Last month, at the Dreamforce conference Mark Benioff, the CEO of announced the launch of Salesforce1 – “a customer platform which transforms sales, service and marketing.”

Peter Thompson, GCOMM’s Managing Director, has had the opportunity to hear Mr Benioff speak at the Dreamforce 2013 about this new revolutionising platform that brings the best of collaboration, CRM and custom apps into one unified experience across any device.

What is Salesforce1?

Salesforce1 is the new social, mobile and cloud customer platform, built for developers, ISVs and customers. Simply put, it is the next-generation CRM platform that enables the connectivity between apps, third-party services, like LinkedIn, Evernote and Dropbox and smart devices. It allows employees to access customer information from mobile devices and access Salesforce functions anywhere, at any time.

Salesforce has embraced the technology and market change and is moving to a mobile based environment. The focus is on connecting the enterprise to the billions of things that are increasingly capable of being programmed through application programming interface (APIs), which specify is how some software components should interact with each other. The key component of Salesforce1 is a new mobile application which enables Salesforce users to access the company’s CRM, service and support software, as well as any custom applications they have built with’s tools and applications from third-party vendors.

This app provides all the desktop functionality to be done on a mobile device, thus enabling businesses to gain a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of their customers. The app provides a 360 view of customers and enables support and sales to be done anywhere, at any time.
Salesforce1 enables you to sell more efficiently and faster anywhere, at any time.

The power of Salesforce1 Mobile App

The Salesforce1 Mobile App is available as a downloadable app as well as a mobile browser experience. As such, it will give users a unified mobile experience across iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Every part of Salesforce deployment, from the standard fields to custom fields, custom tabs and custom applications are instantly mobile, so there is no need to build and deploy a separate mobile app. All of the CRM (sales, service and marketing) data are available at your fingertips for a quick access, while you are on the go. The Salesforce1 platform brings all of the CRM data and customisations to any device. As Benioff pointed out during the Dreamforce conference, the mobile application is so powerful that he is able to run the entire company using only his phone.

Salesforce Classic along with Chatter, Salesforce Touch and Logger & Forcepad are unified in this platform, so that users can access CRM data, analytics, tasks and events and native phone features, as well as custom apps, feeds, files, sales productivity tools, task management and much more.

The new trend: becoming customer-focused

Gartner ranks Salesforce as the world’s number 1 in cloud computing and CRM, and Forbes called it “the most innovative company.” Salesforce is at the forefront of customer-focused revolution, as ‘behind every device, there is a customer.’ IBM CEO Study revealed that a lot of CEOs are “investing in customer insights more than any other functional area – far above operations, competitive intelligence, financial analysis and even risk management. More than 70 percent of CEOs are seeking a better understanding of individual customer needs and improved responsiveness.”

GCOMM is well immersed in the system already and is focusing on having a 360 view of the customer. As such, GCOMM is committed to being a customer focused company. Salesforce1 creates transparency and creates a the opportunity to improve your company’s operations. If you were one among the 100,000 attendees at Dreamforce 2013 conference, you would have been advised by Mr Benioff to ensure that customers really are at the heart of every businesses.

Are your customers at the heart of your business?

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