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Managed IT services

Benefits of using a Managed Service Provider

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Steve Cannard


Most modern businesses are heavily reliant on information technologies – as firms develop, so does the need to handle an increasingly complicated  IT environment. This can lead to significant expenses, recruitment of new staff, and the burden of managing complex technology. Managed IT services allow you to outsource part or all of your IT operations to a third-party service provider. The Managed Service Provider (MSP) is responsible for monitoring and managing your IT systems.

Reasons for choosing managed IT services

Outsourcing your IT operations to a competent managed IT solutions provider leads to a number of benefits:

  • Increase productivity – MSP’s proactively monitor and react to IT issues, resolving them quickly and keeping your staff productive with minimum downtime.
  • Cost-efficient – managed service providers offer comprehensive IT solutions at predictable, competitive rates.
  • Frees up resources – by using a managed service provider, you don’t have to work continually to keep up with newest trends and worry about your existing staff and network management
  • Scalability & Agility –managed IT services are scalable to adapt to the changes and development your company will go through over time, effortlessly growing with it
  • Customisation – managed IT support is customisable according to your needs and tailored carefully to satisfy the specific requirements of your business
  • Access to knowledge and expertise – get access to a specialist IT company’s knowledge and training for a predictable, reasonable cost.

The central concept to grasp in is that MSP’s are proactive. They will actively, through management and monitoring, look to solve problems before they happen, rather than wait until an issue has already cost you valuable time and money.

Questions for your Managed Services Provider

Additionally, the very nature of managed IT services offers peace of mind. With predictable, fixed costs, numerous management options (you can outsource fully, or manage jointly), and by relieving your staff of various overwhelming duties, the right managed service provider will become an integral part of how you lead and develop your business. Qualified and experienced IT professionals will take over the duties of handling your day-to-day IT needs at a fraction of the cost of recruiting and maintaining an in-house IT department.

Still, before outsourcing your IT department to a managed IT service provider, you should consider several topics. Think about the requirements of your business. Are you satisfied with your current IT management? What are the requirements of your business with regard to IT? What are the issues you are currently facing?

With the answers to these questions in mind, look to MSPs that can fulfil all your requirements and adapt to your changing business needs. One thing should always be clear: by hiring a solid managed IT service provider, you free up the resources to focus on other aspects of your business.

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About Steve Cannard

Steve Cannard
Steve joined GCOMM in 1999 to run Sales & Account Management, taking on the role of IT & Consulting Manager in 2008. Steve has been deeply involved in shaping the tools and strategy that position GCOMM’s future growth, with a focus on maintaining relationships with clients to provide the best advice and service. He is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys surfing, fishing and fitness.