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Creating value through Internet marketing

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Peter Thompson

In the Internet age, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd or even just get found. If you have a website and customers know your domain name or brand, they can probably find you through search engines. But, that’s going to need some advertising and promotion in order to attract visitors. The challenge is how to create content that is going to get found and engage people’s interest.

It’s not that the principles of marketing don’t apply anymore. The truth is that these principles have become even stronger. Understanding the target audience, defining the service in more detail and positioning the marketing message to that audience is even more important. If the content on the website is not clear, search engines won’t be able to effectively index and categorise, which means that they will be challenged to return search results.

At GCOMM, we have not yet attained our ultimate objectives in our marketing but we are continuously reviewing, refining and looking how to position ourselves better. We use sophisticated marketing technology that helps to analyse visitors, traffic, referrals, etc. We are not a large company with an equivalent marketing budget. We think we achieved a better result with LiveBackup and the results of that effort are pleasing. We are going to share some of our experiences to date with some ideas that might help improve the online marketing efforts of our readers.

The modern marketing era

Marketing is a term used to cover a very broad spectrum of business promotion and productisation. The Internet has created transparency. Where once it was possible to gloss poor service over with marketing, today it’s much more difficult. The advent of forums, social media platforms and an extensive list of industry review sites have changed the way that businesses respond.

Proactive marketing approach

There are some useful tactics that can be applied in order to achieve a better, overall online marketing campaign. Whilst these suggestions might seem obvious, getting it exactly right consumes a lot of energy and time.

Create useful content – Content can be in the form of text, video and voice. The content should achieve some useful objective, such as educating the customer in the details of a site offering. The content should be easy to digest and navigate.

Create value for your target audience – If you create the most useful content, you target audience won’t need to look any further. Find new angles, develop thought leadership and provide meaningful insights.

Educate and assist – Providing advice and ideas help position you as a leader. People who learn something from your experience will often associate you as an expert.

Be open, transparent  and accessible – With the knowledge that your remarks and ideas can be seen, edited and copied, it makes sense to be clear on what is and what is not possible with your product or service.

Where are the places to create value through Internet marketing?

Creating great content on forums relevant to your industry can be a good place to generate new customer opportunities. When people are looking for information about how to solve a problem or information prior to a purchase, they often end up browsing forums in seek of real life experiences of consumers who found themselves in a similar situation. Sometimes they just want to ask questions from experts in order to get some advice. This is a great opportunity to get the inside track on a new lead. If you position yourself as someone who is helpful providing useful, insightful information, readers will perceive you as a thought leader and someone respected. But, you need to give, in order to receive. Our own Internet marketing efforts have led far more leads through posting helpful information on forums because it’s not spamming or business promotion in a traditional way.

If you are looking to publish a greater volume of content, your website can have a blog or magazine platform. Readers can easily move from article to article and begin to understand your perspective. And whilst they might not buy your product or service on day one, they may well begin to follow your posts and one day take the next step towards a purchase. Because the platform is yours, you can easily communicate your own style and unique message.


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Peter Thompson
Peter Thompson founded GCOMM in 1996. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering/Information Systems from Griffith University and his MBA from Nyenrode Business Universiteit in Holland. He believes in building great teams of people, both in business and socially.
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