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GCOMM Support Centre improves customer service 1

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Michael Bellears

GCOMM is very pleased to announce the launch of Support Central, our new ticketing and technical knowledge platform.

A new support centre for our growing customer base

GCOMM’s existing ticketing system provided an adequate platform for customer support requests, but was missing some vital functionality and flexibility required to manage our growing customer base. The decision was made to investigate alternate platforms that would provide the functionality, flexibility and scalability needed to ensure the GCOMM customer support experience was maintained at the highest levels possible.

How GCOMM started with improvements of customer service?

We aspire to deliver the best customer service to our clients. Over the last few months, we have reviewed numerous platforms, with Zendesk being the standout. Launching a new and improved ticketing system provides us greater insights in solving customer requests.

Here are some of the features of GCOMM Support Centre:

  1. Any of our customers can create a username and password for access into GCOMM Support Central Web portal.
  2. Customer logins are assigned via domain names. This allows multiple people from the same company to log tickets and have visibility of current or past tickets. GCOMM can work with the IT manager to tailor access to tickets for users within a company, as needed.
  3. All ticket updates are emailed and if there are multiple recipients, everyone will receive updates.
  4. Customer can upload documents, screen shots etc. via the GCOMM Support Central Web portal.
  5. Tracking and measuring performance is far easier for GCOMM management.
  6. Tickets can be merged which is an important feature that was missing from the current ticketing system.

Here are some future feature additions that we will be implementing:

  1. Customers can provide feedback on the customer service received.
  2. Integration of the ticketing system into GCOMM’s website.
  3. Forum for questions and answers.

To help our customers adapt to the new ticketing system, we have developed a user guide that clearly articulates how to log, receive updates and review historical cases simply and easily.

Like any company, we are working on new and improved ways to deliver a better customer service. Being able to efficiently log tickets, receive updates and see ticketing history as the primary benefits will result in a better customer experience.

If you have any questions or would like me to help guide you through setting up new tickets or your account, please feel free to contact me.

We look forward to improving your GCOMM experience.

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About Michael Bellears

Michael Bellears
Michael has been working with GCOMM since 1999. He has always enjoyed using computers and was accepted into a Computer Science degree at Deakin University. At GCOMM he is now responsible for the management and operation of GCOMM’s WAN network. He has travelled extensively throughout Europe and Egypt. He is married and has two young children, his “greatest accomplishment”.
  • Peter Thompson

    Nice one Mick. I know how much effort you guys went to get the new ticketing system implemented and I am sure it will be a better outcome for everyone involved. Well done.