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GCOMM’s new network operations centre

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Peter Thompson

With the growth in the number of services provided and the need to expand our engineering and support team, the GCOMM management have made a decision to increase the office space. We are taking lease of an extra 120 square meters for the new network operations centre. This increase will take the entire GCOMM space to around 450 square meters. The expansion is necessary because of the increase in the volume of work that has been done in the first half of 2013. GCOMM will now lease the entire level 2 of the Gateway building, in addition to the existing space on the ground floor.

The new network operations centre is part of our continuous commitment toward better service provisioning for our customers. It’s a complete 360 degree project for the technical team that combines space, new equipment and the software systems that give the team and the customers access to information to enable a better service.

The new facility will be a professional monitoring centre that will include the implementation of dedicated monitoring screens for the engineering group, with the goal of improving the ability to proactively address network faults as they occur and do so with greater accuracy.

GCOMM has engaged an architect to assist with the design. With the serious cost of office space, it’s important to maximise the investment. In addition to the rent, the fit out will cost nearly $80,000 but perhaps the greatest cost can be a poor design of a working area. It’s not just the cost of the actual space but it’s also the way it is used. Poorly designed areas often result in poor communication between people. It is important to create an environment that is both easy to work in and conducive to efficiency.

The expansion of the technical facility forms part of a longer term project that we have been executing for the past two years which involves transforming the company in all aspects of capacity, sales and support. We developed a long term vision of the future and the types of services and support we want to provide to our customers. Key to that is scaling and improving the level of support we provide.

I will update with some photographs once the new facility is completed. We will also invite you for a tour to inspect.

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Peter Thompson
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