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GCOMM’s senior employees: Their journey with the company

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GCOMM team

As the 2013 calendar year draws to an end GCOMM has notched up yet another successful year. In its seventeenth year, GCOMM is still represented by a number of remarkably dedicated long term employees and we have compiled this GCOMM post to highlight some of the team members who have been with us for the longest time.

Daniel Thompson – Director

Dan is the first member of GCOMM’s exclusive senior employee club. Similar to the rest of the employees that have spent a decade plus with the company, he has been with GCOMM since 1998 and is a powerhouse of information regarding the company’s growth and development throughout those many years. As the residing Director at GCOMM, Dan did not simply fall into this position. His extensive time spent with the company has lead him in a bottom up approach to the position he holds now.

He has held a variety of positions at GCOMM starting in development of company policy and procedure documentation. Since then Dan has covered many aspects of the business from finance, supplier management, strategic customer management through to the General Manager of GCOMM.

Craig Deutsher – Technical Director

Craig is a senior employee at GCOMM and has been with the organisation all the way from its early beginnings up until the current day. With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, and having held many technical positions with GCOMM, from junior engineer up to the head of engineering. Craig forms part of the very fabric that sets GCOMM apart from many of its competitors. Craig is highly technical which aligns well with GCOMM’s mantra of being an engineering led organisation.

Craig’s skills in the IT field are highly diverse and he and the technical team solve commercial issues through the use of technology producing excellent customer relations as a result. As GCOMM’s Technical Director, Craig ensures that the company consistently delivers superior technical solutions to its clients and partners. He is responsible for overall management of technical services including outside contractors, planning and daily operational maintenance, as well as providing technical direction for the development, design and systems integration of these services. Craig is highly respected by his co-workers and colleagues due to his expertise and willingness to give a helping hand and mentor team members when it is needed.

Michael Bellears – National Network Manager

As with the rest of the senior employee staff, Michael has been with GCOMM for well over a decade, 14 years in total with the end of this year. He is currently the Head of Networks here at GCOMM and has always had a passion for the Internet and computers.

He originally started off at GCOMM in a website design position and has worked his way up to managing the entire GCOMM Internet infrastructure and is currently working with a team of seven network specialists.

His formidable passion, dedication and constant involvement in the IT industry is what drives his success, as well as GCOMM’s. Michael is now responsible for the management and operation of GCOMM’s WAN network and his expertise enables him to successfully address the radically changing landscape for connectivity in Australia.

Todd Brooker – Sales Director

Todd has been with GCOMM since 2001. Fresh out of college, he originally started off at the company as a Systems Engineer progressing to the role of National Wholesale Manager and finally to his current position today, head of sales. As GCOMM’s residing Sales Director, Todd is not only an invaluable but also crucial member of the GCOMM team forging and developing key client relationships integral to expanding the company’s customer base and ensuring its continued growth and success.

His vast technical knowledge and background combined with his long term experience at GCOMM enable him to produce strategic and effective sales plans as well as lead and direct the sales team in successfully securing and broadening long-term partnerships vital for the company’s future. He is one of the key team members to have worked on the growth of the wholesale channel, allowing GCOMM to expand its national footprint.

Matthew Thompson – Business Development Manager

Matt is yet another one of the GCOMM team members that has been with the company for well over 10 years. Along with Michael, Craig and Dan he has been a long term employee and integral to the success of GCOMM. Matt is based out of Sydney and is a key member of GCOMM’s sales team and holds the position of Business Development Manager.

Matt’s skills are largely in creating relationships, meeting prospective customers and communicating concisely what GCOMM offers to the market. Matt has been the driving force behind GCOMM’s push into the southern states and the development of our channel partner network through introducing partners to GCOMM’s national network and Internet related services.

Steve Cannard – Infrastructure and Deployment Manager

Steve has been with GCOMM since 1999 and rightfully joins the ranks of GCOMM’s senior employees. With 14 years of service with the company, he is currently GCOMM ‘s Infrastructure and Deployment Manager. Steve has been a customer facing resource in the sales team continuously focusing on maintaining vital customer relationships that are integral to the company’s success.

 Before joining GCOMM, Steve’s extensive expertise in infrastructure and communication skills have provided him with the tools to service our customers exceptionally well, making him a rare commodity and highly valuable asset to GCOMM.

From the beginning, Steve has been integral to GCOMM’s strategic positioning and has led the way with our Gold Coast direct customers and with products such as Gyroscope (managed technical services offering) and liaising with major hardware and software vendors such as Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and HP among others.

Adam Tessieri – Product & Carrier Relations Manager

Adam has been with GCOMM for well over a decade and is the Product & Carrier Relations Manager. His humble beginnings with the company are similar to a number of GCOMM staff members having originally started off in a position unlike the one they hold today.

Adam initially joined GCOMM as a systems engineer and used his knowledge and skills in the technical field to excel in evolving roles throughout the years at GCOMM with increasing seniority. His formidable drive and attention to detail has enabled him to specialise in a variety of areas from both a technical and commercial standpoint giving him an ideal foundation to successfully progress in his career. With a well rounded knowledge of all aspects of carrier and telecommunications product offerings, Adam directs the flow of GCOMM’s services and solutions with a keen efficiency, focusing on the needs of the customer.

GCOMM’s team is comprised of newer and older employees alike and it is not only the combination of their diverse skill sets that drives GCOMM’s success, but also their hard work and dedication. Our senior employees direct and nurture new team members in taking the right path to work together in a combined effort to ensure the company’s continued success in the present and the future.

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GCOMM team
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