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Google AdWords campaign 3

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Jovana Stevanovic

Earlier this month I discussed some reasons for using Google AdWords. Even though it really isn’t hard to get started with this form of online advertising, it doesn’t mean you will see the return on investment just because you tried.

There are many things to keep in mind, you can even read very detailed books about creating AdWords campaigns and making sure they are optimised at all times and are bringing qualified leads to your website. We won’t go into too much detail about this, but I’d like to outline some of the most important things you should consider.

How to create a successful AdWords campaign

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on an AdWords campaign in order for it to be effective. However, you have to be organised and conduct research and planning prior to creating your campaigns.

First, make sure you know how your customers and prospects shop. When you become aware of the purchase funnel and its stages, then you need to decide what is the main point you want to communicate to your audience. Also consider what you want the prospects to do after arriving on your website. Determining what purchase funnel stage to address will guide your keyword research and ensure that you are targeting the right groups of people.

After you have determined how your prospects shop and what they look for, you should do keywords research. Look at what visitors are searching for on your website. Through Google Analytics, you can also find information on what keywords they used to get to your site. If you wish to target more words, a great tool available is Google’s Keyword Tool. With this tool you can get suggestions on more related keywords. It also offers additional information, such as the number of searches for your keywords and if they are already being targeted by someone else.

The copy of your ads is another important component of the AdWords campaign. It is crucial to use the keywords you chose to target in your ad copy. This will enable relevancy and your ads will have a higher chance of being displayed. The text of your ads is limited but it is important that your ads have a call-to-action (CTA) that clearly tells people what to do. The ads need to be focused and concise.

Once prospects have clicked on your ad, they will be taken to your landing page. This shouldn’t be just any page on the website. It can be an existing one, it is not necessary to make a completely new page but you should optimise it for your campaigns. Plus, creating new pages isn’t so hard anyway, there are many tools that enable this. If you have a chance, you should create multiple landing pages and run tests to see which ones are performing better.

The keywords you are targeting in a specific AdWords campaign need to be used on the landing page as well. It also shows relevancy and Google will award your high-quality content. Another benefit of this is that it will bring quality leads to your website. If people have already searched for your keywords, it means they will be interested in what you have to say. Unless the goal of your AdWords campaign is to create awareness, make sure to include a conversion tool on your landing page (form, PDF download, etc.). The landing page has to provide enough information to the prospects to get them interested and willing to convert. It should reflect the CTA from the ad. However, it shouldn’t be cluttered with information.

When it comes to targeting your ads, make sure to explore various options instead of just settling with Google’s default. You should specify who your target audience is and determine what geographical location you want to run your ads in. It doesn’t have to be the whole country or the world, especially in the beginning. You can concentrate on one area in order to see what’s working and what isn’t.

These are some things to consider, based on my experience with creating and running AdWords campaigns. However, the most important thing is to understand your business and your audience well, this is a great starting point to maintain a successful Google AdWords campaign.

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About Jovana Stevanovic

Jovana Stevanovic
Having studied, worked and lived abroad for a number of years, Jovana has developed a diverse set of skills and a unique perspective into the business world, which she applies in her current role as Marketing Automation Consultant. Her passion for online marketing and a keen interest in global marketing trends are what drives her to produce effective online campaigns for international clients in the IT sector. Jovana graduated from St. Cloud State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and a minor in Public Relations. Jovana enjoys learning languages and is fluent in Serbian, English and Italian. Her other interests include social media, travelling and cooking.
  • Thanks Jo. Useful information indeed. The amazing thing about Google Adwords is that it’s so easy to get started and start spending money. But, it’s quite hard to actually get quality leads and unless you are very focused money just seems to be able to vanish. Adwords is not really for novices because they will be competing against experts.

  • Steve Cannard

    I think the Adwords ecosystem is very alluring, it seems simple enough but as you explain, you need to understand literally everything about your market first and then apply it to the Adwords methodology. It’s alluring because it presents everything so nicely to you and invites you to play with it, but at the end of the day if you don’t know exactly what you are doing its like playing a slot machine. You put your money in, pull the handle and hope for the best. One thing for sure, the House (google) always wins..

    Good article, you clearly know your stuff.

  • jstevanovic

    Thanks guys!

    It definitely is all about monitoring your campaigns daily and adjusting – changing keywords, ad content, even landing pages until you find something that really works. And when you do, it doesn’t mean it will last forever, you constantly have to update.