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In Focus: Miljana Jeremic

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GCOMM team

GCOMM presents to you Miljana Jeremic, our Business Intelligence Manager. Miljana was happy to share with us what her role and duties within the company are.

Tell me a little bit about your background and education.

When I was 17, I went to the US to finish off high school there. I really enjoy traveling, so finishing high school in another country was really appealing to me. At first, I was in Michigan and then moved to Louisiana where I completed Bachelor of Science in Finance and my MBA degree. The interesting thing is that I was always interested in IT, but didn’t want to become a programmer, so I opted out for finance.

Your position is Business Intelligence Manager. What does this position exactly involve?

I have been working with GCOMM for almost two years now. My role involves acting as a liaison between technical developers and the business. This consists of using technologies, applications and systems to analyse business processes and internal data to effectively deliver high impact process automatisation. So, analysing, reporting, project management, business performance management and data management are part of my everyday tasks. Project management and relevant operational experience, and a track record of strong cross functional collaboration on complex operational business solutions is highly important to a position like this one.

At the moment, I am working on developing and implementing a new management information system for GCOMM. This means that I use GCOMM’s business processes to automatise things as much as possible and increase overall productivity for the GCOMM team. In order to do this, I work very closely with the GCOMM senior management team, including Peter, Mary, Craig, Joanne and Adam.

Was this your primary position since you started working for the company? Has your position changed since you started working here?

Yes, it was my primary position. Right away I was put in that role, however, I had to learn a lot about GCOMM’s business processes when I started with the company. It really was learn-as-you-go. For a short period, I also held the role of a Marketing Project Manager, however my passion, as I said earlier, was always towards IT.

My position did evolve over time as I was given more serious projects and my work became more complex and challenging.

How much of technical knowledge do you need to have for this job?

A lot! This position involves working on information systems, so you must know your way around the technology. I need to understand business processes and workflows in order to effectively implement it into a software and at the same time know how to work with various software to achieve a goal.

As I get requests from the GCOMM team, I need to understand the processes and figure out what works well and what needs to be improved. As with any other role, I work closely with other team members and require their help, especially with our programmer.

What work-related accomplishment makes you the most proud and why?

Every project I work on means a lot to me and I can say that I am proud of all of the projects. The reason being is that it is quite challenging as there is no room to make mistakes. You have to carefully analyse every problem and create a strategy for resolving it. Each project has an effect on the entire work process of the company and creates basis for future projects.

I would set apart two projects, though. One of the first project I was working on was the new MIS system for LiveBackup where I have learnt everything about software systems, CRM, ticketing system and overall all the systems that you can integrate and create a system that facilitates work for the employees. I really loved that project, especially as it gave me the basis and knowledge for the rest of the projects that were coming up.

I am also very proud of a project that involved merging two Salesforce instances into one. My colleague and myself were working on this project with very limited knowledge and information available on how to work around it. We have managed to figure out everything on our own, create a process and successfully implement it, so both of us are very proud of that one.

The most interesting projects you were working on are…?

The one I am working on now. It’s so big, that I call it the beast! It involves GCOMM’s MIS system and integrating several different software over the same platform ( I need to know exactly how each software functions and how a little change in Salesforce is going to affect all the software involved.

What would you say is the most challenging about your position?

Every project is a challenge, but that’s what keeps the things interesting. Besides the projects that I am involved in and work on, there is also the project management position, as I have a team to which I need to provide instructions and tasks, teach them various things and monitor their work and performance.

Most enjoyable?

The most enjoyable thing about my work is that it is challenging and mind stimulating. It might seem like it’s intense, but at the same time I find it enjoyable. I really enjoy it when I see the results of my hard work after a difficult and challenging project. The projects I work on do not give instant results, but require months of work after which the results are visible. And I must admit, I am happy when I see that the hard work has paid off.

Do you think your role will further develop in the future?

Definitely! I am confident it will develop, however I am not sure how yet. It might be in the direction of IT project management or implementation consultant, however it will really depend on the new projects and requirements of GCOMM.

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