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In Focus: Nic Passmore 1

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Steve Cannard

At a very young age of 29, Nic Passmore is the general manager of the taxi division at Sigtec Australia and has been a customer of GCOMM for 10 years.

How did you get into IT?

My grandfather first taught me about IT. He used to program and work on a Commodore and he showed me how computers worked. He was a great mentor for me and made me fall in love with technology.

When I left school, I was thinking about studying medicine, but when I looked at the time required before being able to practise, I decided to go straight into IT. It was the time of the IT bubble and I had a natural flair for IT.

Straight out of school, I started working for Anderson consulting. I spent two years working in New York and London, which was a great experience. At Anderson’s I gained a great deal of hands-on experience in networks and operating systems. I gained several industry accreditations in Microsoft, Cisco and the like.

How did you first come into contact with GCOMM?

When the IT bubble burst, I returned to Australia in 2002 and started working at a Brisbane-based firm called Softlink. Softlink sells software for managing book libraries. After doing well in support, I was promoted to the role of the IT manager. At the time, GCOMM was called Data FX Online. There I met Matt and he sold us a 2mb/2mb broadband DSL service. At that time, it took a lot of convincing for my boss to move from the 128kb ISDN services we had. The service worked great and we never looked back.

Since then, I have held a number of positions in various companies. I have been able to take GCOMM with me for the most part, but for most of my last six years at Sigtec, GCOMM has been a strategic partner.

When did you start at Sigtec?


After two years, I was ready for a new challenge. I applied for a role at Sigtec as a programmer and was hired. Three months into the role, there were some changes in the staff and I was offered the job of IT manager in the Brisbane office. I accepted the role and as the company grew, so did my role, which then included designing and implementing the network for our client solutions.
The success of the project led me to being promoted to general manager of taxis in Feb 2011.In 2009 I worked on a very large project for Dubai taxis that included some 8000 end points. I was responsible for the design and implementation of the entire network and the software rollout. It was a very complex task and took nearly a year to implement.


How have you engaged GCOMM?


GCOMM are a strategic partner for Sigtec. My relationship with them today extends to a range of services. GCOMM provides and manages our WAN’s and is a key partner in the customer implementations we perform. They also assist with technical engineering and are proficient at hardware software procurement.What makes our relationship with GCOMM so good is that I am familiar with the skills and knowledge of their team. When I need to get something done, I know who to call. Having a fast response to technical issues and requirements is paramount to our business and my relationship covering 10 years is a testament to the trust and faith I have in their team.People like Steve Cannard, Adam Tessieri, Mick Bellears and Amy Giles are all valuable contacts with complementary skills within the business. Not only that, the rest of the technical team all know me and are beyond helpful when I need something done a certain way. It means that I can treat them as a part of my team and know that I will get valid and predictable responses when the pressure is on.In practical terms, it means I can design a customer solution and GCOMM will develop the practical response. We collaboratively discuss our project requirements and design the outcomes. Redundancy in both LAN and WAN is a critical aspect of our solutions. GCOMM’s network and access to carriers is a key ingredient in the reason behind our engagement.

The suite of services we acquire covers engineering, networking hardware and telecommunication services. Having the right supplier for these services is critical to our organisation. Sigtec provides mission-critical services to emergency services, transport authorities and, of course, taxi firms. Reliability, uptime and performance are key metrics for our customers.

What does the future hold for you?

Sigtec is more and more looking internationally for our expansion. Our product is technically leading and the opportunities internationally are significant. I am finding myself traveling a lot overseas, which I do enjoy. The chance to travel and do business at the same time is a great experience.

We have some ambitious goals at Sigtec. As a part of the senior management team, I am fully engaged in driving the further development of the business. I enjoy the challenge of project work and the nature of our business means I get to apply a wide range of IT and people skills in order to provide beneficial outcomes for our clients.

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About Steve Cannard

Steve Cannard
Steve joined GCOMM in 1999 to run Sales & Account Management, taking on the role of IT & Consulting Manager in 2008. Steve has been deeply involved in shaping the tools and strategy that position GCOMM’s future growth, with a focus on maintaining relationships with clients to provide the best advice and service. He is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys surfing, fishing and fitness.
  • Adam

    Working with Nic is both very challenging as his expertise is as broad as you can see from this
    article, but it is also very enjoyable as he is a hard working fantastic colleague. GCOMM values our relationship with Nic and Sigtec very highly; we think this open, honest and consistent approach to doing business results in long term partnerships that benefit all involved.