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In Focus: Troy Winch

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GCOMM team

Meet Troy Winch, GCOMM’s Systems Engineer, who has started his career as an apprentice and is now leading the systems engineering department. You have the chance to meet and get to know Troy’s role and duties within the company.

 1.    You have been with GCOMM since 2008, can you tell me a little bit about your background and start with the company?

After completing year 12, I started working for Australia’s giant grocery supermarket, Woolworths. It didn’t take long to realise I needed to start a career in IT so I enrolled in Australian College of Information Technology. While studying, I started working part-time at a telecommunications company doing technical phone support for ADSL and VoIP users. After completing college and receiving my diploma in IT Networking, I applied for a few jobs. I successfully completed interviews at various companies and decided to choose GCOMM, as it was offering me the best opportunity for starting off a career.

When I first started, I didn’t have any real world experience but with Craig and Jay as my mentors, I quickly adapted to the workplace environment and was able to assist my colleagues with the high workload.

 2.    What are some of the positions you’ve had throughout the years?

I started off as a junior engineer and developed skills, knowledge and experience in the field of systems engineering. I have also done part time study to help stay up to date with the latest technology. My position didn’t change a great deal for the first 4 years however due to internal structure changes, I am now Team Leader of the systems engineering department.

 3.    How has the company changed or evolved since your early days up until now?

Over the years, the company has been expanding and evolving to help stay at the forefront of the IT industry and to keep up with our clients requirements. Since I started, both the Engineering and NOC team have doubled in size and we are only seeing potential for future growth moving forward.

 4.    You are currently a Systems Engineer, what type of duties does your role involve?

As a Systems engineer, my job primarily focuses on planning and implementation of clients’ networks. This involves overseeing the development and maintenance of clients’ networks and includes the implementation and design stages of hardware and software. As a long term employee, I also perform senior engineering tasks/projects and admin duties such as invoicing, engineer reporting, etc.

As a Team leader, I provide assistance to my colleagues and help lead the team in the right direction.

 5.    What are some of the qualities and skills a person in a technical position such as yours would need to have to be successful?

For a technical position, a person needs to have a can-do attitude, work in a team environment, have a positive work ethic and have the willingness to learn as change is the only constant in the IT industry. A technician also needs to understand how to prioritise jobs and efficiently diagnose system faults.

 6.    What would you say are the challenges of your position?

On a day to day basis, there are complex technical issues that are challenging and require research and complex problem solving, which helps keep me active and entertained. Additionally, over the years I have learnt to overcome many of the challenges that come with 3rd party support services – main ones being time constraints and delays.

 7.    What do you love the most about your position?

The thing I love the most about my job is resolving complex issues and assisting the other engineers with their tasks. I also very much enjoy that every day is different, there are different clients, different issues to resolve and different locations to visit.

 8. How do the constant changes in the IT industry impact your role with the company?

The constant changes and technology advances require development of new skills and constant learning. This can be both challenging and interesting at the same time. I am currently involved in an ongoing project to research how GCOMM can take advantage of the cloud. This will involve skilling up in new areas and as a result, deliver outstanding service to our customers.

 9.    What is the best part about working at GCOMM?

 The best part about working for GCOMM is the friendly atmosphere and office dynamics. The colleagues I work with are certainly the key that makes working at GCOMM enjoyable. Apparently that is what everyone says, but it’s true!

 10.   What are your future goals and where do you see yourself down the road with GCOMM?

When I think future with GCOMM, I think management as I do enjoy the role of managing a team. The only downside is that I would be less hands-on technically. Also, depending on the direction of the research project, I could see myself venturing out into a specific role and become specialised in a certain area of work, whether it is Software as a Service or a cloud integration expert. Only time will tell…

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