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In Focus: Vladimir Milanovic 1

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This month say hello to Vladimir Milanovic. He has been working with GCOMM since 2010 and is currently the Marketing Director here. He is also a regular contributor to the GCOMM Post.  

Tell me a little bit about your professional background and education.

I attended the University of Arts in Belgrade and graduated with a masters degree in Graphic Design in 2004. Shortly after that, I worked for several companies simultaneously as either the Creative Director or Art Director. While employed at one of the organizations, I had the opportunity to work with a number of very high profile international clients such as Imperial Tobacco. It was a very eye opening and enlightening experience as I had access to some significant projects which I was also responsible for delivering.

With this new found knowledge and experience, I felt inspired to try and start my own company, so I did along with a few colleagues of mine. The company focused on branding and advertising, however after a year of struggle, business wasn’t going well and we decided that was the end of that journey.

Did you have any previous experience in the IT industry prior to working with GCOMM?

No, my background was in graphic design and I had very little exposure to the IT field at the time. Once I started working I spent hours learning everything that I could about the industry on my own  time, and from colleagues at work. Regardless of the fact that at the beginning my knowledge in the field was limited, I was just happy to have been given the opportunity to learn as much as I could from a company who specialised in it.

You are currently the Marketing Director at GCOMM, how is it that you got to be in this position?

I had known Peter through mutual friends prior to working for him at GCOMM. We were in touch from time to time, and when it turned out that he needed someone to do branding work for him for the company, I was one of the first people that he thought of. He felt that I would be a good fit for the role given my previous branding experience.

He saw the value in me and my skills and offered me the position at GCOMM. I felt that this position was aligned with my personal goals, Peter’s and the companies’ and accepted the offer as the next step in the natural progression of my career.

What types of projects and responsibilities does your role involve?

My role is diverse and involves a wide variety of duties but for the most part, my main duties include directing the marketing team and leading the direction of the GCOMM marketing campaigns along with all other marketing strategies. I also manage the stakeholders’ expectations and oversee the quality of the marketing output and am in charge of creative direction and graphic design.

How has GCOMM evolved/changed from the time you started working with the company up until now?

It’s constantly restructuring and repositioning itself to stay competitive in today’s continuously evolving market by changing from the inside out. The goal is to be the leader in its field and meet the demands of the consumer by offering value through service by being on top of the latest advancements and trends in the IT industry.

Have the changes in the industry had an impact upon your role?

The constant changes in technology are creating a greater tie between technology and marketing which is pushing me to be constantly informed about any new developments and trends so I know how to better implement them in marketing. It is challenging keeping up with all of the new advancements, but that is what makes my job interesting. I embrace and enjoy the challenge.

At my previous position, where I worked in the business to consumer sector, I felt that the advertising work I was doing there was misleading in a sense as it didn’t create any value to the consumer. This didn’t leave me feeling good about myself or the work that I was doing as it wasn’t in line with my personal beliefs.

I believe that everyone has a certain level of social responsibility and my goal was to create value for both business and end consumer. Working in the business to business sector, particularly with GCOMM, allowed me to do that.

What work-related accomplishments make you the most proud and why?

My work related accomplishments are constantly ongoing. I’m continuously working on new projects and developing professionally as a result of it. For me, holding the position of Marketing Director at GCOMM is an accomplishment itself. Coming from a graphic design background I had little experience in the IT field and had to learn a great amount to be at where I am today in my career. It took a lot of discipline and drive on my part.

My involvement in the creation and development of the marketing department, building the expertise contributing to establishing work related culture and values and directing and training the team is a major accomplishment.

Where do you see GCOMM in 5 years?

The pace of change in the IT business is faster than ever as the market is maturing and evolving, companies need to constantly transform themselves in order to remain relevant and competitive. I see GCOMM as a completely repositioned company that is able to keep up and lead in the ever evolving IT industry, by becoming a customer focused and marketing driven organisation.

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  • Peter Thompson

    It’s a great pleasure to work with you Vlada. We come from very different perspective and backgrounds but it works. I respect and value your attention to detail and your commitment. I find your work to be inspirational.