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Integrated Marketing: The Past, The Present and The Future of Marketing

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Maja Jovancevic

Don’t kid yourself that marketing is just a TV ad, banner ad or a brochure. It’s not. Marketing represents every bit of contact that any part of your business makes with any segment of the public.

If you rely on one weapon, your marketing efforts are doomed to fail.

The answer is Integrated Marketing.

The term was introduced by an Australian, Michael Kiely, in order to explain and incentivise marketers and business owners to integrate marketing efforts, which although in place, have not yet been synchronized.

Integrated Marketing refers to both the more obvious marketing efforts, such as television or print advertisement, and those we are less aware of or do not view as marketing, such as online presence and customer relations.

That’s why I have given importance to the definition of marketing at the beginning of this article, and I am going to repeat it once again: Marketing represents every bit of contact that any part of your business makes with any segment of the public.

Remember, marketing begins with your ideas to generate revenue, which are aided by your marketing efforts, and then strategically applied to bring you a number of customers, or referrals. It’s a full circle that functions best when your efforts are integrated.

Let me put it this way: A TV ad can only go so far, but if a person watching your advertisement has a pen with your logo on it, has heard you speak at a conference, has read one of your articles and perhaps knows one of your employees, they’re sold.

So how do you go about integrating your marketing efforts?

Determine your target audience

An integrated approach to a marketing campaign starts with you, continues with your target audience and finishes with your marketing environment.

Your consumer’s state of mind, actions and media usage is the best source of information for choosing the best marketing approach.

Define what you need to communicate

If your website has one call to action, your advertisements present mixed messaging and your PR pushes another agenda, you’re confusing your customers. To make it work, they must be going in the same direction and clarify instead of confuse.

Decide what to use

Having defined your target audience and your call to action it is crucial to choose the adequate marketing resources.

Put  your call to action on your stationary, business card, brochure, website, Yelp citation, newsletter, PR release, e-mail signature, YouTube videos, mention it in your TV appearances, webinars, put it on your post it notes if you have to…just make it easy for people to see them.

The people factor

Your customer relations and employee relationships are of utmost importance, and play a vital role in your overall marketing strategy.

By keeping your work environment a healthy one, you are not only motivating your employees to be work efficient, but are encouraging them to themselves be a living advertisement for your company, as they walk away feeling rewarded and appreciated. It says a lot about what your company stands for and believes in.

Referrals and existing customers are your No 1 source of income and you must never neglect them. It takes a LOT more time and money to gain new customers than to keep existing ones that will give you even more through word of mouth. Never forget that. Especially when that word of mouth is on the internet as well.

The magic words are presence and activity.

Networking is crucial in today’s business environment. By joining your determined community you are able to meet movers and shakers as well as learn more about the industry and new developments. Especially online, as we all know how powerful the Internet is.

Work within your budget.

  • Instead of money, invest energy, time and imagination
  • Instead of measuring traffic, responses or gross sales, concentrate on profits
  • Instead of ignoring your existing customers, you must re-engage and follow up
  • Instead of competing, try cooperation
  • Instead of sales, create relationships
  • Instead of believing in a single marketing weapon, integrate.

By integrating your marketing efforts, succeeding becomes a certainty.

♦ End

About Maja Jovancevic

Maja Jovancevic
Maja Jovancevic is a lateral thinker with vast experience in online marketing which includes: content creation, social media and SEO. In her free time she enjoys dancing salsa, tackling Chinese and travelling through Europe.