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Tips for using LinkedIn more effectively in business

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Peter Thompson

The ability to research companies is becoming more simple. Tools and websites, such as LinkedIn, provide a great way for making your company and you more accessible. It is highly probable your LinkedIn contacts will buy something from you, rather than your Facebook contacts. The network is completely focused on business and because of its nature, it is easily segmentable and searchable.

Potential customers and suppliers are going to research you

Depending on what kind of business you are in and the service you provide, it is likely that potential customers are going to research your company in order to understand how many people work there, how long it has been around and how the company is presented. If you work in sales, you probably already use LinkedIn to target potential customers. Usually, it involves knowing who the decision makers in the company are. The whole cat and mouse game of asking the primary contact who the decision maker is has become a little more simple through the availability of companies, executives and employees on LinkedIn.

Potential recruiters are going to research you

Recently we listed a vacant position with a recruitment company. They didn’t specialise in the particular role we were looking for. Even so, they decided to try and find the right candidate. When interviewing the candidates, we were surprised to learn that the recruitment company simply went into LinkedIn and looked for people with the right skills and approached them saying they had a job available and if they were interested to make contact. The agency converted the interested candidates profiles into the standard recruitment company format and presented them for review. So, what stops any of us from doing exactly the same given the inordinate fees that recruitment agencies charge. It’s better to save the money isn’t it?

Build your own personal brand on LinkedIn

There has been significant new content addition options recently introduced into LinkedIn. Some include listing your own specialities, adding links to videos you have produced in addition to a listing of publications. Aside from just providing information on where you worked and what you did, it is now possible to have a much broader profile that gives interested parties a chance to get to some background on you before you meet. Additionally, keep your profile up to date. It’s kind of pointless having an out of date profile. Because your profile is live and not static like a  traditional CV, it’s important to review and update. Otherwise, people might think you’re not in business anymore or have lost contact with the modern world which is not a good sign.

Using LinkedIn to develop credibility

Having browsed people’s profiles, you will see some of the most embellished commentary that members have. One of the strongest ways to have a more credible profile is to receive references from previous colleagues, suppliers and customers. The more frank the assessment, the more diverse and potential customers, employers and suppliers will appreciate it. The transparency that the Internet is creating is remarkable. LinkedIn is a great tool for business. It’s cost effective, time effective and will help keep you in contact with your main contacts, in addition to easy access to business groups of interest.

How to change who can see you viewed their LinkedIn profile?

If you are like most of us, you probably like the feature where you can see who visited your profile. However, this means that others can see you viewed their profile as well. The good news is there is a way to turn off the feature and remain an anonymous onlooker on someone else’s profile. To enable this functionality log into your account and click the settings under your name. You will arrive to the settings page and under the privacy controls you will find the option to select to appear as an anonymous viewer of someone else’s profile. This also means that you won’t be able to get notifications of who visited your profile anymore, the visitors will be anonymous to you too.


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