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When does a business require an IT service provider?

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Jovana Stevanovic

Companies are now looking toward IT service providers to assist with their more complex operational tasks in order to access cutting-edge technology and best business practices.

Increasingly, business managers and owners are finding that managing their company’s IT functions is not only complicated, but can also can prove to be an inefficient use of resources. As a result, many businesses are electing to focus their energies more on activities that allow them to create and maintain their competitive advantage, and are leaving the responsibility for their IT service management to providers.

Businesses are now employing third-party service providers to perform all, or a part, of their IT functions. These IT service providers offer a variety of benefits such as infrastructure advantages, software development, maintenance, and support.

Reasons for using an IT service provider

Business owners often find that the growth of their organisation is hampered by constant IT bottlenecks. Not knowing when to call for help and when to begin utilising an IT service provider is more often than not part of the problem. A business will often decide to use a service provider for their IT activities for the following reasons:

  • More efficient cost control
    Reducing business costs is often the main reason for companies deciding to use an IT service provider. By taking this step, they are able to convert their fixed costs into variable and more economical costs by using only those resources which are necessary for their IT requirements.
  • Focusing on the business’s core activities
    It makes sense for any organisation to concentrate on what it does best, in addition to maintaining its competitive advantage and serving its customers. When resources are limited, making the decision to use an IT service provider helps a business to shift its focus away from a time consuming and unfamiliar activity, which is probably not its area of expertise, to one that is.
  • Risk reduction
    Every business investment carries a certain degree of risk. Managing IT activities in-house not only takes up a lot of a company’s time in respect to resources, recruitment and training, it also has some risks associated with it. IT service provider takes on these responsibilities.
  • Allowing existing IT staff to concentrate on a specific function
    Increasing a company’s productivity or being able to focus on a pivotal IT project with a limited number of staff is often another reason for companies choosing to have IT service monitoring elsewhere.
  • Lack of IT management skills
    Not having an internal IT department, or there simply not being enough staff on-board, is another common reason for companies deciding to use an IT service provider. Firms who specialise in providing IT services employ fully qualified experts and this helps improve service quality levels dramatically.

IT service providers help make companies more efficient

When a company makes the decision to use an IT service provider it will need to decide to what degree – whether the  entirety of its IT activities will be managed by the company, or just a particular function. Regardless of which option is finally selected, making this decision will help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the business’s day to day operations.

It is a known fact that businesses these days run on technology and as a result we are extremely dependent on our IT system. We need it to be reliable and flexible. It needs to work, and work well. We don’t have time to deal with system fails, and we’d rather not spend the money to fix something that needs repairing.

Continual monitoring of IT activities and the prevention of associated problems and failures is becoming the new standard in providing solutions, allowing businesses to focus on increasing their productivity.

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About Jovana Stevanovic

Jovana Stevanovic
Having studied, worked and lived abroad for a number of years, Jovana has developed a diverse set of skills and a unique perspective into the business world, which she applies in her current role as Marketing Automation Consultant. Her passion for online marketing and a keen interest in global marketing trends are what drives her to produce effective online campaigns for international clients in the IT sector. Jovana graduated from St. Cloud State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and a minor in Public Relations. Jovana enjoys learning languages and is fluent in Serbian, English and Italian. Her other interests include social media, travelling and cooking.